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Presence of Mbororo and LRA on security in Bas-Uélé Province in the DR Congo

[ La présence des Mbororo et de la LRA sur la sécurité dans la Province du Bas-Uélé en RD Congo ]

Volume 29, Issue 3, June 2020, Pages 337–345

 Presence of Mbororo and LRA on security in Bas-Uélé Province in the DR Congo

Célestin Bela Egwasa1

1 Chef de Travaux, Institut Supérieur de Développement Rural de Amadi, RD Congo

Original language: French

Received 25 October 2019

Copyright © 2020 ISSR Journals. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.


The diagnosis made in this study reveals that the incursion of the Mbororo and LRA into Bas-Uélé Province has led to major upheavals. The former being nomadic herders and the latter being an extremely violent political-religious group, their presence in Bas-Uélé has been at the root of the population's insecurity. In the face of the horror of the violence in this Province, we have seen the emergence of a self-defence group against the LRA and the massive fleeing of civilians. In addition, civilian populations whose income-generating activities are mainly in the field have been forced to abandon them, resulting in the deterioration of their social conditions. This makes parents unable to ensure their children's schooling.

Author Keywords: Mbororo, LRA, Bas-Uélé, National Security, Rebellion, Refugees.

Abstract: (french)

Le diagnostic fait dans cette étude révèle que l’incursion des Mbororo et de la LRA en Province du Bas-Uélé a entraîné des bouleversements important. Les premiers étant des éleveurs nomades et la seconde étant un groupe politico-religieux extrêmement violent, leur présence dans le Bas-Uélé a été à la base de l’insécurité de la population. Face à l’horreur des violences dans cette Province, nous avons constaté l’émergence d’un groupe d’auto-défense contre la LRA ainsi que les fuites massives des civils. En outre, les populations civiles dont les activités génératrices de revenu sont principalement le champ ont été contraintes d’y renoncer, entraînant la détérioration de leurs conditions sociales. Ce qui rend les parents incapables d’assurer la scolarisation de leurs enfants.

Author Keywords: Mbororo, LRA, Bas-Uélé, Sécurité nationale, Rébellion, Réfugiés.

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Célestin Bela Egwasa, “Presence of Mbororo and LRA on security in Bas-Uélé Province in the DR Congo,” International Journal of Innovation and Applied Studies, vol. 29, no. 3, pp. 337–345, June 2020.