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Gary Reyes Zambrano


Name Gary Reyes Zambrano
Affiliation Facultad de Ciencias Matemáticas y Físicas, Universidad de Guayaquil, Guayaquil, Ecuador

Documents: 13

Document title Date Issue
Use of Technology for software construction that allows recommending solutions in vehicle decongestion
[ Uso de Tecnología para construcción de software que permita recomendar soluciones en el descongestionamiento vehicular ]

Author(s): Christopher Crespo León, Moreira Jimmy Sornoza, Gary Reyes Zambrano, and Andrés Almendáriz Andrade
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2018 24 (4) , pp. 1424-1439
Parameters influencing in the vehicular overcrowding
[ Parámetros que influyen en el congestionamiento vehicular ]

Author(s): Moreira Jimmy Sornoza, Christopher Crespo León, Gary Reyes Zambrano, and Cortez Mercado Julio Joel
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2018 24 (4) , pp. 1440-1455
Fuzzy Clustering Algorithms
[ Algoritmos de agrupación difusos ]

Author(s): Gary Reyes Zambrano and Christopher Crespo León
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2018 24 (1) , pp. 17-30
User control in recommendation systems
[ Control del usuario en sistemas de recomendación ]

Author(s): Gary Reyes Zambrano and Moreira Jimmy Sornoza
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2018 23 (4) , pp. 341-354
Affective computing and analysis of consumer behavior
[ Computación afectiva y análisis del comportamiento del consumidor ]

Author(s): Gary Reyes Zambrano and Joffre Mateo Banchón
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2017 20 (2) , pp. 551-559
Visualization and analysis of vehicle paths with QGis and Weka
[ Visualización y análisis de trayectorias vehiculares con QGis y Weka ]

Author(s): Gary Reyes Zambrano, Fátima Macías Tepán, Alexander Pizarro Jaime, and Jairo Macías Guevara
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2016 18 (4) , pp. 961-971
Using the PostgreSQL database and R statistical software for path analysis
[ Uso de la base de datos PostgreSQL y software estadístico R para análisis de trayectorias ]

Author(s): Gary Reyes Zambrano, Kevin Baque Puya, Ailyn Bones Flores, Kiara Cevallos Macias, Jully Estrada Rumiguano, and Katheryn Velepucha Iñaguazo
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2016 18 (4) , pp. 1032-1038
Comparison Analysis Android and GNU / Linux
[ Análisis de Comparación de Android y GNU / Linux ]

Author(s): Gary Reyes Zambrano
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2016 18 (4) , pp. 1039-1046
Feelings analysis using the Twitter API
[ Análisis de sentimientos usando el API de Twitter ]

Author(s): Gary Reyes Zambrano, Jonathan Reyes Tomalá, and Wellington Aroca Albiño
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2016 16 (4) , pp. 814-819
GPS trajectories algorithms applications in gadgets
[ Aplicaciones de algoritmos de trayectorias GPS en gadgets ]

Author(s): Gary Reyes Zambrano and Raul Nassib Hidalgo Veliz
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2016 16 (3) , pp. 549-562
Evaluation framework Hadoop and Power View display in GPS Vehicle Trajectories
[ Evaluación del marco de trabajo Hadoop y Power View en la Visualización de Trayectorias GPS Vehicular ]

Author(s): Gary Reyes Zambrano, José Alvarado Santos, Katia Villafuerte Ponce, Oscar Leon de La Torre, Fernando Coral Moran, and Vicente Arreaga Figueroa
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2016 16 (2) , pp. 378-389
Reference architecture for an intelligent transportation system
Author(s): Gary Reyes Zambrano and Lissette Ochoa Vera
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2016 15 (1) , pp. 175-182
Framework for designing an ITS architecture in Ecuador that improves the interoperability and deployment of vehicular traffic control systems
[ Marco de trabajo para el diseño de una arquitectura ITS en Ecuador que mejore la interoperabilidad y el despliegue de los sistemas de control de tráfico vehicular ]

Author(s): Gary Reyes Zambrano and Vivian Estrada Senti
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2016 14 (4) , pp. 886-895