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Ahmed El Harfi


Name Ahmed El Harfi
Affiliation Laboratory of Polymers, Radiation and Environment (LPRE) - Team of Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry (TOMC), Department of Chemistry, University Ibn Tofail, Faculty of Sciences, Kenitra, Morocco

Documents: 11

Document title Date Issue
STEP purifying performance of Dar El Gueddari (Natural lagoons)
[ Performance épuratoire de STEP de Dar El Gueddari (Lagunage naturel) ]

Author(s): Mohamed ALLAOUI, ELH. Mohati, M. Saadallah, and Ahmed El Harfi
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2016 16 (4) , pp. 704-717
Author(s): Fadoua Jeddi, Houssine Boussalwa, Ahmed El Harfi, Sanae Sadek, and Dounia Bassir
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2015 13 (2) , pp. 274-280
Synthesis of a new asymmetric membrane and semi prior based on a mixture of polysulfone (PSU) and polyether imide (PEI) : Application to the removal of coloring solution
[ Synthèse d'une nouvelle membrane asymétrique et semi préalable à base d'un mélange du polysulfone (PSU) et polyétherimide (PEI) : Application à l'élimination des solutions colorées ]

Author(s): Said Benkhaya and Ahmed El Harfi
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2015 10 (1) , pp. 285-294
Study of the effect of the coating in a copper medium NaCl 3% by formulating a polymer-based oxide of hexaglycidyl dianiline phosphine ethylene triamine (HGEDAPT)
[ Etude de l'effet de revêtement du cuivre dans un milieu NaCl 3% par la formulation d'un polymère oxyde à base de hexaglycidyl d'éthylène dianiline de phosphine triamine (HGEDAPT) ]

Author(s): Omar Dagdag, M. Galai, M. Ebn Touhami, and Ahmed El Harfi
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2015 10 (1) , pp. 295-304
Treatment models colored (red and indigo cibacrone) solutions using the methods of adsorption (anion resin A500) and ultrafiltration
[ Traitement des solutions modèles colorées (indigo et rouge cibacrone) en utilisant les procédés de l'adsorption (résine anionique A500) et l'ultrafiltration ]

Author(s): Tarik LAKDIOUI and Ahmed El Harfi
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2014 7 (3) , pp. 875-882
Synthesis and study microscopic and macroscopic nanoglycidylether tri-urea phosphoric ester: New nanofonctionnelle epoxy resin
[ Synthèse et étude microscopique et macroscopique de nanoglycidylether tri-urée de l'ester phosphorique: Nouvelle résine époxyde nanofonctionnelle ]

Author(s): Jalila El Azzaoui, Mohamed Rafik, Salah Eldin Hegazi, and Ahmed El Harfi
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2014 7 (3) , pp. 883-891
Application of Novolac Polyepoxide Resin in the Conditioning of Radioactive Waste in Cement Matrix
[ Application de la Résine Polyépoxyde Novolaque dans le Conditionnement des Déchets Radioactifs dans une Matrice de Ciment ]

Author(s): Atiqa BEKHTA, Touria LAMBARKI EL ALLIOUI, Abderrahim BOUIH, Bouchra EL HILAL, and Ahmed El Harfi
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2014 7 (3) , pp. 1057-1070
Experimental study and theoretical modeling of the impact of inhibition of organic phosphorus compounds and macromolecular models
[ Etude expérimentale et modélisation théorique sur l'impact d'inhibition des composés organiques phosphorés modèles et macromoléculaire ]

Author(s): Y. EL RHAYAM, R. ZIRAOUI, and Ahmed El Harfi
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2014 7 (2) , pp. 646-654
Synthesis of novolac matrix and study of a new composite in the presence of tri-sodium phosphate. Characterization and viscometric study, rheological and thermal degradation
Author(s): Atiqa BEKHTA and Ahmed El Harfi
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2014 7 (2) , pp. 662-673
New formulation of the matrix conditioning of radioactive waste compounds by Resins Exchanges Ions (MBD-15)
Author(s): Bouchra EL HILAL, Touria LAMBARKI EL ALLIOUI, Abderrahim BOUIH, Atiqa BEKHTA, and Ahmed El Harfi
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2014 7 (2) , pp. 729-735
Synthesis, formulation, a macroscopic study of composite nanocomposite epoxides and polymers DGEBA and DGETBBA
[ Synthèse, formulation, étude macroscopique d'un composite et nanocomposite à base de polymères époxydes DGEBA et DGETBBA ]

Author(s): Naoual EL-AOUNI and Ahmed El Harfi
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2014 7 (2) , pp. 757-764