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Anges Yadouleton


Name Anges Yadouleton
Affiliation Centre de Recherche Entomologique de Cotonou, Benin

Documents: 9

Document title Date Issue
Evaluation of the trophic behavior of Aedes aegypti at Dandji, southern Benin
[ Evaluation du comportement trophique de Aedes aegypti à Dandji au sud du Bénin ]

Author(s): HOUNKANRIN Gildas, Anges Yadouleton, TCHIBOZO Carine, BADOU Yvette, and Falilath SANOUSSI
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2022 38 (2) , pp. 305-309
Malaria transmission in the district of Karimama in North-East of Benin
[ Transmission du paludisme dans la commune de à Karimama au Nord-Est du Bénin ]

Author(s): Anges Yadouleton, Gado Dramane, BADOU Yvette, TCHIBOZO Carine, HOUNKANRIN Gildas, Falilath SANOUSSI, and Lamine Baba-Moussa
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2022 37 (3) , pp. 569-576
Impacts of cotton protection practices on the level of phenotypic resistance in Anopheles gambiae population in northern Benin
[ Impacts des pratiques phytosanitaires en milieu cotonnier sur le niveau de résistance phénotypique des populations de Anopheles gambiae (Diptera, culicidae) au Nord du Bénin ]

Author(s): Anges Yadouleton, H. Wilfrid Djengue, Michel SEZONLI, B. Christophe CHABI, Ramziyath Agbanrin, Geraldo HOUNDETON, Aboubacar SIDICK, Fabrice AHISSOU, and Martin AKOGBETO
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2018 23 (4) , pp. 365-372
Phenotypic and enzymatic resistance in Culex quinquefascistus from Natitingou, Benin
[ Résistance phénotypique et enzymatique au sein des populations de Culex quinquefascitus dans la commune de Natitingou, Bénin ]

Author(s): Anges Yadouleton, Akadiri YESSOUFOU, Ramziyath Agbanrin, Azim BISSIROU, Falilath SANOUSSI, Olaïtan Moustapha, Carole SANNI, Mensah Albane, Achaz Agolinou, Fabrice Ursins, Jacques Zola, and Martin AKOGBETO
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2016 17 (3) , pp. 859-871
Level of overexpression of metabolic enzymes (oxidase, esterases, and glutathion-S-transferase) involved in the resistance of vectors to insecticides in Benin
Author(s): Kèfilath Badirou, Roseline Attolou, Virgile Gnanguènon, Anges Yadouleton, Anagonou Rodrigue, Albert Salako, Fabrice Ursins, Zola Sahossi, Ramziath Agbanrin Youssouf, Bruno Akinrou, Sovi Arthur, Razaki Ossè, and M. Akogbéto
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2016 17 (2) , pp. 662-671
Cotton production in Benin: a cause of the emergence of insecticide resistance in populations of Anopheles gambiae in Benin
Author(s): Anges Yadouleton, C. Vodounon, C. Chabi, Ramziyath Agbanrin, K. Badirou, R. Attolou, Fabrice Ursins, H. Allagbé, and M. Akogbéto
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2015 10 (1) , pp. 8-14
Seasonal distribution of Aedes aegypti in southern Benin: a risk of dengue virus transmission to urban populations
Author(s): Anges Yadouleton, Ramziyath Agbanrin, C. Vodounon, G. padonou, K. Badirou, R. Attolou, Fabrice Ursins, Jacques Zola, H. Allagbé, and M. Akogbéto
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2014 9 (2) , pp. 648-654
Use of the Long-Lasting Insecticide-treat Nets (LLINs) against malaria in Benin: impact of washing practices in the community on their effectiveness
[ Utilisation des moustiquaires imprégnées à Longue Durée d'action (MILD) au Bénin contre le paludisme: impacts des pratiques de lavage en milieu communautaire sur leur efficacité ]

Author(s): Raphael Kelani, Magloire Aitchedji, Anges Yadouleton, H. Allagbé, Gado Issaou, and Serge Degla
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2014 7 (4) , pp. 1310-1320
Genesis and development of urban vegetable farming in Republic of Benin
[ Genèse et développement du maraîchage urbain en République du Bénin ]

Author(s): H. Allagbé, Magloire Aitchedji, and Anges Yadouleton
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2014 7 (1) , pp. 123-133